Holidays Season parties and ceremonies are perfect moments to admire each and everyone’s evening or gala attire. Great was my surprise to notice that well-known personalities of our times are repeatedly making style faux-pas despite –we shall not be wrong about it – the work of their communication teams.

hommes politiques mal habillés

Furthermore, on most official pictures for instance, I have often noticed that some men button their jacket, others don’t.

photo PLR zurich

The majority of men are not always paying scrupulous attention to their appearance. Many of them think that simply wearing a suit is enough to make them look stylish. Wrong! Our fashion world is dictated by rules and one must follow them, or else, he takes the risk of being out of date.

 What are the rules of buttoning a jacket?

RealMenRealStyle presents a very easy to memorize visual valid for both suit jackets and for more casual buttoned jackets.

comment boutonner une veste?

Very important:

 A jacket must always be buttoned when you are in the standing position or walking. It must be unbuttoned when you are sitting.

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