Being comfortable with your body is very important but when you don’t find or you don’t know how to assemble clothes that fit the way you like, it can be very frustrating. The plus-size market is growing, although not as quickly as we would like, and it is still difficult to buy larger clothes that are not circus tents or skanky.


The PLUS SIZE BEAUTY workshop covers a large variety of topics for men and women that would like to shed a few, or even many more pounds. Proportions, colors and optical illusions, plus-size best cuts, lengths and necklines, shape of collars and cuffs, visual fabric weight, patterns and prints, hair styling and accessories, are just a few of the subjects that you will enjoy learning about.


Date and time: third Monday of the month, 9:00-17:00
Location: Image ID, Av. des Cavaliers 23, 1224 Chêne-Bourgeries
Registration is mandatory at
Price: CHF 220